Thursday, January 20, 2011

My first mission

I finally accomplished my first yarn bombing mission!

Even though I was tagging the pottery studio of someone I know, it was still exciting.

First, my accomplice (boyfriend with a camera) and I drove slowly and casually past the target for reconnaissance. Seeing no one around, we came back around and parked near the front yard and I pulled on my clever hat, sunglasses, and scarf disguise.
I crept silently across the front yard to brave the ferocious guard dog you see in the picture below, whom I instantly calmed and befriended with my dog whisperer skills.

After I attached the mushroom-shaped tag to the iron gate, I fled ninja-like to the car and drove away. My accomplice suggested that not slamming the car door when I got back in would have been slightly more stealthy. I'll have to work on that.
I also realize that my disguise may have been compromised by wearing a bright blue sweater coat, and something less distinctive and more shadowy might be a better fashion choice the next time around.

So far, the pottery studio owner has not suspected my involvement in this yarn-related incident. I think my stealthy mission was a success! Here's to many more ...

-- ElfLiberator, inciting to craft-riot

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  1. Best bomb scene since Dr. Strangelove.