Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekend Report

In our Top Story this week - attitude.  Our outstanding chick with the Prefect Badge and keys to the Room of Requirement, Abycat has introduced the dungeon to the concept of “Kiss my Sticks!”  Slytherin crafters far and wide are embracing new robes with the saying and are finding that 2011 indeed is the year of knitting with attitude.
As if legimenically connected our professors have provided us with many an opportunity to do just that.  Simply look at Transfiguration where its all about you and your library.  What was your favorite book?  Do you want to knit a Wandering the Moors shawl to commemorate Wuthering Heights (wait that was my  idea), or maybe a Wild Thing sweater to show your inner child the way out.
Flying is nothing but freedom this month.  Something warm or something that meets your animal urges, um I mean uses animal fiber.  Absolutely fabulous time to work up a heavier weight shawl like Snowflake for yourself of course.
DADA gives you the opportunity to pamper your ears or feet.  Maybe these Las Calacas Socks  or a We Call Them Pirates Hat.   Not so sure, pick a pattern and take it to your snake nest.  I’ll bet someone can come up with an outstanding made up hex to sell it.
Potions couldn’t fit the Kiss my Sticks theme more.  Its all about invigorating you.  Maybe yoga is your thing and these yoga socks would fit the bill.  However should you experience invigoration lasting more than four hours seek medical attention – just ask Vox8.
Divination similar to Potions is about your future this month.  What is it going to be like this year?  What do you want to accomplish?  Maybe work up a little project bag that would allow you to knit on your walks to get fit.  I’ll just stay here on the sofa and watch.
Charms is another excuse to knit for you.  Under the guise of getting to know a first year, or at least their project pages, you get to pick something to knit hopefully for you.  
Speaking of first years History of Magic has us unsorting ourselves.  Four houses is a great opportunity to try out making a pieced baby blanket.    Or maybe this House Unity Scarf.   If your just not feeling the unity thing how about a pirate hat  I made one of these for my husband last summer and it is truly awesome and fast fast fast.
Herbology  is all about fun or maybe using herbological methods to find your spirit animal (totally not encouraged - trust me).  What is fun for you?  Yeah, not gonna go there – you are on your own for this one.

This rash of stick kissing is expected to last throughout 2011.  Slytherins are urged to not seek treatment and let it run its course.
Weather:  A soft haze of mohair and #8s will be settling over the valley this week.
In Sports Quidditch season came in with a fury this week.  It looks like the best of the best challenges are this terms game plan.  Slytherin's team captain Snowqueen73 will be pulling us through charity crafting and three challenges including the hat challenge coming up Saturday January 22nd.  Also note team robes should be worn on the fifteenth of every month.  Remember, in Slytherin, everyone's a chaser.  If you are afraid of the challenges just get out there and submit something you've knit for charity.  You'll feel good, we'll get points, someone out there in the world will benefit. 
Speaking of charity knitting if you are able to fit a chemo cap into a class, quidditch or just because you find Ultimate Quest totally unchallenging the HOH challenge is all about hats and also helping out a fellow house cupper.  Even if you choose not to send your cap to our Ravenclaw friend cancer centers in every community accept such donations.  
Forgivable Curse of the Week:  Mother-felter.
In the Hallows and Horcruxes Lab Tigersjp, Deadalchemist, Dangerouscurves, Crazyredheadchick, & Knitmainea all celebrated birthdays this week.
Finally from the sub-human interest desk - first years.  Tell me first years, what do you think of all this?  Is the craziness everything you hoped it would be?  Too much?  Barely a challenge?  Leave a comment and tell us about your experience so far.
That's it for me.  Keep slithering strong my sinuous ones.  This is Rockinsticks signing out until next Friday. 

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  1. I'm finding all the classes enjoying and challenging, in a good way.