Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's Wild Ideas

Wow, Slytherins. This past week has flown right past us. I’m hoping it’s not an indication for the rest of the month (says the person who’s only turned in one homework assignment so far).Being out of town for a week really threw off my schedule for crafting but I hope the rest of you are busy working away at your projects for the month. Between homework, OWLs, and Quidditch, it promises to be a busy but fun-filled term.

Being now January 11th, we have just under three weeks left of the month which is plenty of time to whip out those hooks and needles and start almost any project for almost any class.

History of Magic- Black Diamonds, Thorpe

For those of us going for a ride on the St. Mungo’s Express or signing up for one of the Slytherin Quests…well, good luck to all of us. I’m sure we’re going to need it.

This term in Slytherin we’re having two KALs: $5 in Paris and Quadrat. If you’re still looking for an OWL project, check out those two sweaters and the accompanying KAL threads in the Snake Pit. If you're not joining in, just stop by to cheer everyone on and ooh and ahh at the pretties being created by your fellow Slytherins.

Well that’s all I have for now. Off to the races with needles and yarn. See you next week!


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