Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Year Fanatic

Have you caught the first year bug? No, I'm not talking about something you picked up walking through the greenhouses. I'm talking about "the bug". That need to be involved and see what is going on everywhere. That bubbling excitement that feels like it is going to burst out of you - like the care bears when they do their bear power (of course I can't remember what its called) except ours is the snake and we light up the night. I have to say that I have the bug (or the snake) and I love it. I have accomplished more in the last couple of weeks knitwise than I have in the last year.

Since I have signed up for the crazy train and ultimate quests I know I am nuts. But being nuts takes some careful planning and scheming. Its not an easy task. There is a thread in the main hall that has a thread for first years. Of course, we are our own elite class, but the challenge that has been given I think is one everyone can benefit from.

First Year Planning Challenge

The idea of the challenge comes from DevonC. Yes she is a Ravenclaw but we can steal, I mean borrow, ideas that will help us succeed in our quest for the cup.

posted 9 days ago (Sunday, January 2)
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Hey Everyone!! Let’s have a PLANNING CHALLENGE!

I used to host these in Ravenclaw Tower, but everyone there is REALLY GOOD at planning now, so I am going to throw it out to my Firstie babies to help you get in the swing of the Cup. Basically, every month I plan out what I am going to accomplish each week, to help me pace and not overextend myself (of course, being a ‘Claw I do that anyway, but…. it helps.).

This is how I do it, but you’re welcome to use whatever method works for you. I like to mix up my knitting and work on lots of projects at once, but if you’re a monogamous knitter that’s fine too!

January Plan (by week, Mon-Sun):
1/3 - 1/9 - Podster Gloves to thumb for Herbology, CO and work collar of Rosamund’s Cardigan for HoM OWL, Heel of Seven Chakras for AR OWL
1/10 - 1/16 - Finish gloves, make 3 Infamous Beaded Necklaces for Potions, Transfig, and Divination
1/17 - 1/23 - CO Minerva’s Argyles for OWL, work to heel on sock #1, work orange/yellow feet on Chakras
1/24 - 1/30 - Work to heel on Argyle #2, work to body join on Cardi, work green/blue on feet
1/31 - Finish up whatever didn’t get done!

Now the fun part. Post your plans here, and EARBURN ME (devonc) in your post. On Thurs 1/6, I will randomly choose one of my earburn messages to WIN an Infamous Beaded Necklace made by me in your House colors :)

And most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

So, I challenge all of you to plan ahead. Figure out where you want to be on the train and if you want to quest. Or, how many Quidditch points are you going to accumulate this month?

We are Slytherin. The Cup is Ours.

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