Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How About a Quest

Have you heard of the Slytherin Quest Room of Requirement?

I am personally going for the Ultimate Quest. Being a first year and a member on St. Mungo Express with the goal of getting permanent residency. There are different badges for different levels achieved and not all quests are for those Slytherins who are crazy like me. There is also a Lite Quest and a Zen Quest. Or, if you have plans on completing one large project over the course of the semester you can get the Slytherin "Size Matters" Quest badge.

So come and join up in the fun. If you don't make the quest at the end of the day its no big deal, but if you do, then you will get another fancy Slytherintastic Badge to show the other houses just how awesome of a Slytherin you are.

One other reminder - there are 13 days left in January. Get those assignments turned in.

The last day to join St. Mungo's Express is tomorrow.

And OWL proposals are due at the end of the month

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