Monday, January 17, 2011

Hottie of the Week - Class Addition

As we are about halfway through the month I decided to showcase Hotties that correlated with some of the classes. Here they are, in all their glory, cheering you on as you stitch and purl your way to as many points as possible.

Our first Hottie represents Flying. The flesh and blood representation of our assignment is Jacob Black. Anyone who has read the Twilight series knows that Jacob is a werewolf. According to the books a werewolf’s core body temperature is far higher than that of a normal human male. I figure that instead of knitting a wool scarf I can just turn in cuddle up to Jacob. He’s tall, buff, sweet, sexy and literally hot. No really, his everyday temp is usually somewhere between 103ºf and 105ºf. His warm blood and rock hard body make him the Flying Hottie.

Next up is Transfiguration. In class we were tasked with reading a book then transfiguring it into an object that could represent a person or theme in the book. Our Transfiguration Hottie hasn’t been spelled to look like anything other than what he is, but that is just fine by me because he is hot with a capital Comestandnakedinmybedroom!
While I have only recently started to read the Southern Vampire books, I am an avid True Blood fan and was drawn to the books because of Eric Northman. He also just so happens to be our Transfiguration Hottie.

In Herbology we were tasked with the assignment of making fungi or something fun guy or fun girl related. I took this to mean funny guy or girl. Now I know what you are thinking... Funny Girl? OMG NOOOOOO BABS! NOT BABS!!!!!!! Don’t worry. Barbara will not be appearing in this blog. A fellow Saturday Night Live guest will be though. Not only is she smart and sexy, she’s funny as hell and proved that time and again as a writer then actor (not to mention guest) on SNL. Tina Fey can do more with a pen to make you laugh than most comedians out there today and that is why she is the Herbology Hottie.

 The Potions Hottie was hard for me to pick. I, of course, wanted to pick none other than Severus Snape. He’s hot... but this isn’t fan fiction and I needed to make sure that the Potions Hottie really was someone who could invigorate us all. I kept trying to move away from the second person that popped into my head for this category but he just wouldn’t go away. While he may or may not be gayer than a handbag full of rainbows, Bob Harper is exactly the sort of invigorating element that I would love to have in my gym telling me to move my butt. He knows how to motivate and how to get things done and that makes him our Potions Hottie.

 Last but not least is the Hottie for History of Magic. In this class we were tasked with making a hat or crafting something that showed house unity. When I think of Hotties in hats all that comes to mind are cowboys. Shiftless men in jeans wearing Stetsons and carrying rope who say things like “Howdy ma’am” and “Yee-haw”. Our Hottie in a hat is a nameless cowboy whose face is hidden. I figure nothing says house unity like a shirtless man whose face can’t be identified because it’s hidden behind his giant hat. He could be from any of the houses. I just hope he’s from ours...

 I'll see you next week girls and boys. Same hot time, same hot channel.


  1. OOoh... Good thing I already turned in my Transfiguration homework based on the Transfiguration hottie!! YES!

    Love these men and their HOT bodies!

  2. MMMM homework... I want one of each! ::drool::


  3. I suddenly want to "do" all the classes. ;)