Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend Report

Greetings, I'm Rockinsticks and this is Weekend Report.

Our top story this week is the alarming approach of Hurricane Lastdaytoturninclasses expected to make Dungeon fall in less than 9 days.

Slytherins are encouraged to find a beverage of their choice and a comfy chair and knit, crochet, spin or dye at a crazy level of Bellatrix or higher.

To that end I've compiled the following list of small quick projects.

For Transfiguration how about whipping up a quick piggie mask or a lovely little lace mask or even a felted eye patch. I'm thinking the felted eye patch could be a lovely way of disgusting your mad eye when in muggle society.

In DADA I will confess that as a child I was dreadfully afraid of vampires and would wrap my braided hair around my neck to sleep. To that end you could make a cable cowl in your hair color. If you're concern is zombies, how about a brain hat to throw them off. By the time they realize it isn't your real brain you'll be long gone.

In Potions, yeah - I'm not really comfortable commenting on other people's bad habits - good luck with this one.

For Muggle Studies if you can get away from the teeeee-veeeeee try a tardis dishcloth or better yet commemorate The Simpsons with marge hair. Most excellent.

Herbology is all about nature in fall. I find this little leaf mask really charming. You could also modify the tree of the dead hat by crocheting it in a fall color and weaving a story about the whomping willow. Finally who can resist pumpkin booties.

History of Magic is all about Ghosts. Maybe you smuggled some not rotten wine into the death day party in this Ghost bottle cozy. Or perhaps you thought they'd talk to you more willingly if you were wrapped in Jacob Marley type chains.

Divination much like Potions is rather personal this month, but if it is October 30th and you are one class shy of Ultimate Quest how about a tea cup handle cozy or a knitted crystal ball and a story about how the future appears to be quite "woolly".

Finally Charms. Perhaps you want to head back to the lacy Victorian era with a pair of lovely lace cuffs or maybe you are just going to hop back to the day you dropped your new phone shattering the screen and work up this delightful little squid phone case.

In Sports - If you are into something new perhaps stop by the pitch and cheer for the Hufflepuff House Pride Exhibition. No we don't get points, but they did bring us muffins last month when we were all bummed out.

In Weather - Can't see anything for the cloud of OWLs circling over the weather station.

Speaking of OWLs - The following have turned in a lovely showing of 50%, Joseybug, Needlediva, Bidbid, Rockinsticks, Brittanylane, Mkissa, Eurekas, Knitsquid, Folk, Drusillawormwood, and Peanutzmom. 550 points for Slytherin!

Lets all give a hand to Aerieiris and Cattiekins who are embroiled in the quest for a NEWT.

Cattiekins is showing outstanding skill with her vest and blanket!

Forgivable Curse of the week - Kiss my Alpaca.

And from the Subhuman Interest Desk lets talk about swaps. I personally want to thank Abycat and Peanutzmom for organizing the swaps. I know its been said before, but I think it really pulled people out of the glum. I had an absolute blast shopping for treats and trinkets. Yes, I will admit to purchasing a plastic cauldron to use as my new knitting basket - selfish I am. If you didn't formally join the swaps, set up one of your own. PM someone and ask them their favorite color and address. It feels really good to package up a surprise for someone and so many of us are going to be so happy to get our little envelopes of love at the end of the year.

And a question - as I typed the phrase "beverage of their choice" next to the photo up top I noticed that it looks like Ron and Harry are submitting a urine sample to Snape. Does anyone else see that? I mean I don't really see Snape as an apple juice man and that doesn't look like fire whiskey.

Well, that is all the news for this weekend. As the month winds down keep knitting strong and posting often.


  1. Ooooh, teacup handle. If my original idea isn't done by Wednesday (no, I haven't started it yet), I'm SO using that. Thanks for the links!

  2. *gigglesnort at the urine sample*

    Way to go everyone who has hit 50% on their OWLs, and a double cheer for AerieIris and Cattiekins and their amazing NEWTastic adventures!

  3. OMB... why have I never thought of a cauldron as a knitting basket?!??? Genius!!