Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekend Report

I'm Rockinsticks and this is Weekend Report...

Our top story this week is the appointing of new House Cup Staff. As Slytherin students wander down the hall to potions class they will now be met by the magnificent Jjkawano. Assisting Fluttervale in the DADA classroom will be Knitknot - I for one hope this does not distract from his hottie posting duties. Finally, fabulous BadAmy will be assuming the role of OWL wrangler. Congrats to our new faculty, we solemnly swear we are up to no good.

Weather: The weekend will bring downpours of bulky and aran weight across the continental divide.

In sports Quidditch is on! This weekend is the Slytherin House Exposition on the pitch. Cast on Friday and post on Monday. To review the stipulation is - Slytherin Colors Slytherin Pride. In this special exhibition game projects do not have to be a garment to count so get out there and whip up those popcorn box cozies!

The team is also holding cheer leading tryouts....oh just a minute....I'm being told everyone is a cheerleader and try-outs are not necessary. So if you cannot knit for exhibition come to the pitch and cheer. Post a poem, a letter, a film, a photograph showing your Slytherin pride!

Our wildlife reporter has notified us that 101OWLS have been approved for Slytherins.

With only 7 days to the end of September classwork is tracking as follows:

Charms: 44
Arithmancy: 23
Potions: 31
Flying: 20
History of Magic: 20
Transfiguration: 31
DADA: 26
Forgivable Curse of the week: Taken from Black Adder Goes Forth, "I believe Baldrick the proper phrase rhymes with 'Clucking Bell'."

This is Rockinsticks signing off. Slyther on my fine friends.

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