Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weekend Report

Greetings I am Rockinsticks and this is.....
The Weekend Report.

In our top story, many in the dungeon suffered through 80s fashion as teenagers. Recent studies have proved that extreme exposure to shoulder pads and peg rolling may lead to a need later in life to craft beautiful things. Cheers to all you snakes who have bravely held out photographic proof of your past.

Weather: Partly alpaca with a 50% chance of acrylic worsted moving in from the west.

In sports we see that the house is gearing up for our House Pride Exhibition September 24th - 27th. Many a Scarlett's Army Ravatar is being floated around. All snakes are encouraged to check out the stash swap being organized by our lovely beater Ms. Peanutzmom. Help a fellow snake out and de-stash at the same time - brilliant!

In our Wildlife Segment we see that 75 total OWL proposals have been approved for Slytherins. While I did not major in Arithmancy that gives our mighty house a potential of 3,750 points at midterm ans a mind boggling potential 11,250 final exam points. So keep those beaks sharpened and don't let your OWL slip off the radar.

Classwork is ramping up nicely with the following complete project totals for Slytherin as of September 9:

Arithmancy: 4
Charms: 8
Flying: 6
Herbology: 14
History of Magic: 9
Potions: 10
Transfiguration: 6

That is a total of 960 base points my sinuous pals! Keep up the good work and go smoosh some love buttons.

Speaking of overwhelming point totals, the Crazy A's are continuing their push for world domination. Members continue to check in with status updates that are truly inspiring. If you aren't a Crazy A trainee stop by the thread anyway. You'll be inspired by the level of insanity and the guards at the office door.

Weekend Report is in no way authorized to award a prize for Best Forgivable Curse, but my personal favorite of the week goes to Petitmains for "Before we can proceed, you'll need to correct your cephalorectal imaction problem..."

And finally from the human interest story desk Weekend report wants to know - how do you tackle all of this? Are you a careful planner outlining every class requirement, marking your calendar and sifting through your patterns and gifting plans? Do you put your head down and knit as fast as you can? Do you forget about the whole thing until the 20th and then knit like a crazy person?

I am a scribbled on paper napkin of desire kinda girl myself.

Leave a comment and let us know.


  1. I love your picture modifying skills! I still need to learn how to use the mask feature.

    My class planner is an excel sheet someone else made. I have the lazy.

  2. Weekend Report for the win! This was great!

  3. I plot out my projects for the month on the white board in my knitting corner. :)