Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet Your New Snakes!

Hello, everyone! This is CraftyGryphon; I'm a Second Year Snake here in the Dungeon, and I'm here to introduce you to some of this term's new Snakes. I sent out a (totally voluntary/no-pressure) questionnaire, and got back lots of responses! There's not a lot of pictures here - in fact, there aren't any - but there are some COOOOOOL links, and lots of great info about our new Nestmates! Any coding errors, of course, are mine - there's a lot of stuff here, but I think I got everything (mostly) correct! The questions were:
  1. Who taught you to ...?
  2. What's your favorite thing to make?
  3. Which OWL are you looking forward to most?
  4. Which OWL scares you the most?
  5. What's a pattern you think everyone should make? (Rav links where available!)
  6. What's your favorite thing you've seen made on Ravelry? (Rav links where available!)
  7. What's your dream crafting vacation?
  8. Who gets most of the items you create?
  9. What's your favorite thing about being Slytherin?
Boa Constrictors
Hello! Sounds like a great way to get to know some other new snakes!
Who taught you? I taught myself to crochet about 6-7 years ago and tried to teach myself to knit with no success. Then, about 1.5-2 years ago, a co-worker (and fellow Raveler and who introduced me to Ravelry) taught me to knit, and its been all downhill from there :)
Favorite thing to make? My favorite things to make are for babies. I've churned out a bunch of baby afghans and just love doing them. I've also been on a hat kick. I've made hats for just about all my current co-workers for their birthdays this past year. Trying to branch out right now with some simple shawls and learning socks.
What OWL...?The Astronomy Owl scares me most. Beads terrify me, but I don't know why. I've never tried them, but I'm sure I could work with them, they just scare me.
Who gets...? I give away most of what I make - co-workers, friends, family, children of friends and family... Trying to learn to be a selfish knitter, and getting better about it.
My dream vacation... I would love to visit the UK (all of it) and see all the sheep farms, wooleries, among other things. I'm a sucker for a good pub.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... My favorite thing about being a new Slytherin is how friendly and helpful everyone is. I spent most of my NQFY time here and got really comfortable. I almost feel like I'm not a firsty because I was here almost all of last term. Thanks!

Who taught you?! The videos were incredibly helpful.
What OWL...? Astronomy... I plan to challenge myself by doing the pattern-writing option. Although I've made up knitted items before, I've never actually written them down so somebody else could do them. Also I want to be a designer in the future, so hopefully that'll get me started.
Everyone should make... Elefante is the most adorable little elephant pattern out there. And I think stripes are important for happiness.
Who gets...? Me! I'm the one who appreciates my handiwork most, so of course I deserve it.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... That everyone is so straightforward, matter-of-fact, and still nice and welcoming.

Who taught you? I learned / am still learning to knit and crochet from books. I have three different beginner-ish books, because I find that some books explain certain topics better than others, so having a few different viewpoints has been helpful.
Which OWL…? The Divination OWL, option 1: I love the OWLs that allow a lot of creativity, and I love reading tarot cards, so I think this will be a fun OWL for me! [Scary] The Cruciatus option of DADA OWL: I don't want to voluntarily take up a project that will drive me crazy, so I might skip this scary option and do the Horcruxes instead.
My dream vacation...A dream crafting vacation would involve no schedule, other than knit/crochet whenever I want, peace and quiet, but socializing, too, so I can craft while I chat with people. Nice scenery... in fact, a lot of my Michigan lake vacation where I first started knitting this past summer! I could stand to do that again!
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... the wonderful, crazy-fun people I have met so unexpectedly. I've never been this involved in an online community before, so feeling comfortable and welcomed so quickly was a lovely surprise.

Who taught you? Well, I pretty much taught myself to knit - my mother went to a gathering where a lady was teaching them all to knit. I wanted to go, but mom said I was too young (3rd grade). When she got back, I begged her to show me, but she hadn't figured it out herself. So, she handed me the yarn, needles, and instructions and I learned on my own. Years later I actually went back and taught her how to knit. While I was in high school, I decided I wanted to learn to crochet also, and it so happened that one of my band directors crocheted. So, on the bus trips to away football games and competitions, she taught me.
Favorite thing to make? Anything that somewhat challenges me like socks, double knitting, working on my own patterns, or is just really interesting to make.
Everyone should make... Hm. Probably either socks (just because they're so cool) or a large scale project like an afghan ... at least once in your life!
My favorite thing found on Ravelry... Haha, I'm a total nerd and I found a pattern for a Spock doll (from Star Trek). It's currently my only "favorite" pattern on here. :D
My dream vacation...A store with any kind of yarn/needles I could possibly imagine (all free of charge, of course), a large screen tv, comfy couch, surround sound stereo, and cute waiters to bring me food and drink and my every beck and call. Also, all the time in the world. And I suppose a few people here and there to appreciate my handicraft.
Who gets...? My friends. One year for Christmas I made them all scarves. Last year I made my best friend potholders. I also adore doing baby stuff for my pregnant buddies. The last thing I actually made for myself was a scarf about a year ago.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging!

Who taught you? My BFF Kristin (Meanbean) taught me to knit and purl. I give her full credit for creating such a knitting monster! When I grew bored of the basics, I sat down in front of my laptop and used Knitting-Help and YouTube videos to teach myself more stitches and knitting in the round with Magic Loop. With Kristin's help along the way, I've become what I'd consider a fluent knitter.
Favorite thing to make? Hats! I can't make enough of them. They knit up quick and I get to show them off all winter. There's nothing more satisfying than replying to a compliment with "Thanks! I knit it myself!"
What OWL...? I had planned a pretty extensive OWL this first term, but within a week I had accepted the fact that at this time it's just not realistic. I've decided to bust out as many classes as I can this term and leave the OWLS for a later term.
Everyone should make... I could never pick just one, so here are my Top 3 out of every pattern I've knit so far: Koolhaas by Jared Flood (I've knit 3 so far and I have no plans of stopping!), Sheldon by Ruth Homrighaus, and Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante.
Who gets...? I do!! And I'm completely happy with that. I have knit things for people, and I'm sure I'll continue to do so from time to time, but I learned early on that no one can appreciate hand knit items nearly as much as the knitter can.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... This one's easy -- my snake nest!! Without our little group of Indigo snakes, I would be a lost, confused snakie! I cannot thank my fellow snakes enough for all the fun chatter, the help, and the constant positive encouragement. I'm so grateful to have been sorted into the most amazing house in Hogwarts, and combined with the Hotties...... this is absolutely where I belong!

Who taught you? A few years ago, my brain churned and rumbled and came up with the random thought, "I should learn to knit!" One of the women I worked with was a knitter, so she taught me. Then I started to learn more stuff and taught her. It's been fun raising the bar for both skillz and fiber.
Favorite thing to make? I like to knit lace and other fun little things.
What OWL...? I'm looking forward to the HoM OWL option of three handspun yarns for three characters in the series. I'm hoping to do some black silk lace-weight for Severus Snape, perhaps an alpaca dk-ish weight for Remus Lupin, and I-know-not-what in fiery shades of auburn for Ginny Weasley. [Scary] Thinking hard on it, though. I'm a little worried about Charms. I like lace, but lace on a deadline is quite another cauldron of salamanders. Potions might be troublesome; I've not done much colorwork. Herbology ... cable diagrams make my eyes cross and it's hard to find something thick and cable-y that you can use in California.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... I like being in Slytherin because it fits so well: the crafting, the cleverness, the snark, the Alan Rickman references ... I can't imagine being in another house! :D

Who taught you? A lady named Leann taught a group of young girls that included my sister and I to knit for 4-H. My mom learned by coming with us to the group lessons. I was 10.
Favorite thing to make? Mittens. I love knitting in the round on double pointed needles...but I live in South Carolina now and there's no need for them...
What OWL...? Herbology, I love me some cableing!! [Scary] Anything that involves a sweater...
Everyone should make... the first thing I ever knitted was one of those Grandma's Favorite Dish Cloths, so I'm a bit biased towards them.
My favorite thing found on Ravelry is... the Chicago Bears Afghan Graph for Knit/Tunisian/Crochet by BZ Crochet Designs (I'm a HUGE Chicago Bears fan! My dog is named after the mascot/original team name...)
Who gets...? My sister/roommate.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... having my projects count. I played as a NQFY last term and it's more exciting knowing that it's for something more this term.

Hi! That sounds like fun :) I love the blog, I added it to my feed reader!
Who taught you? I was taught to knit at a young age by my nan, but I lost the knowledge in favour of cross stitch! 5 years ago a male friend knit me a hat, and I thought it was the most awesome thing ever and asked him to teach me. This friend - tattooed, pierced, drummer in a death metal band! Excellent :D So he taught me, and I've been knitting ever since! My friend Helen taught me to spin on a drop spindle last year, and I bought a wheel this year.
Favorite thing to make? Socks. There was a small amount of madness with the sock making when I joined the 52 Pair Plunge last year, I got to 46 pairs. I also love shawls, especially when made with my handspun.
Everyone should make... Cookie A's Monkey socks! No sock drawer should be complete without a pair of those!
My favorite thing found on Ravelry is... Idontlikecricket's Jack Sparrow's Favorite Socks. They make me want to try colourwork! Plus I love skull and crossbones motifs :D
My dream vacation...Ooo. Being somewhere warm, but not too hot that I'd have to worry about getting a tan! I'd have my spinning wheel, and some socks to knit, and be surrounded by hotties serving my every whim. Don't tell my partner that last bit though :P
Who gets...? My friends. They are willing recipients! I like that, they are crafty people themselves, so appreciate the work that goes into making them items. They also appreciate the time I've spent too!
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... The hotties. They are very pleasing to the eye ;)

Who taught you? A lady from my church taught me how to crochet borders on burpcloths and stuff than my love for it kinda grew from there and I learned myself. I am trying to learn to knot but it's not going very well.
Favorite thing to make? I love making toys (animals, dolls) and I love blankets but they kinda take too long and I get bored easily.
Who gets...? My kids.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... I am a very shy and polite person in real life but with being a Slytherin and being online I get to be a little snarky and evil =)

KnotsnNeedles stopping in to drop a line.
Who taught you? I am a self taught knitter. My grandmother used to knit, so it runs in the family. I did some weaving in high school but, presently have no space to set up a loom. I, being a Slytherin also am a self taught crocheter. I figured out jumping in and doing was the only way to learn how to do it.
Favorite thing to make? My favorite items to make are lace shawls. At present, I have several sitting in the closet ready to be gifted but I haven't figured out who I want to give them to yet. Letting go of my work isn't easy. So far I am trying to get done with I have on my needles, and haven't planned any OWLs.
My dream vacation... would be someplace with 50 or 60 yarn stores all within walking distance of each other with give away prices. Since I am having a fantasy might as well go for the Gold.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... the friendship, and the ambition to overachieve.

My connection is somewhat limited as of late (ARG muggle technology...) but I'd love to answer some questions :D
Who taught you? It was my mother who first taught me to crochet several years ago, and I have been ever since. I taught myself to knit on a whim a few years ago, which triggered my interest in spinning, taught to me by an adult friend.
Favorite thing to make? Sweaters, mostly, but those take a long time. I've been enjoying scarves, recently.
Everyone should ... try at least one sweater. I've been working on the pattern for my "Midnighter," which is an awesome striped sweater that everyone would look good it, I think :D
My favorite thing found on Ravelry...ARG THERE ARE SO MANY. I'm in love with crazy fairisle, so I have to say something like the Winter Twilight fingerless mittens.
My dream vacation...Some lake house up in the mountains in the middle of fall. Sitting cross-legged at the end of a dock working away at something to keep me warm.
Who gets...? Usually me. Sometimes friends, if it's their birthday or they've commissioned something.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is...Green is my color. And I love the whole "I can do anything, I just choose not to" thing :}

Who taught you? My mom taught me the crocheting basics sometime in middle or high school. And nowadays I am quick with my Google-fu for weird stitches that she might not know (or when she's not awake!). I taught myself how to knit with a little booklet and promptly forgot when I put the needles down.
Favorite thing to make? Well, I honestly haven't made a whole lot. I've been making afghan squares lately and enjoy those because they're quick and satisfying.
What OWL...? Oh man, I am not that cool yet. XP
Everyone should make... Hrm. I don't know. I think everyone should find something that they think is super cool or nifty or beautiful and a little challenging, and then make it. Because I bet you can. And then it will be awesome.
My favorite thing found on Ravelry is...Oh dear. I have approximately eight thousand favorites (okay, 139). I narrowed it down to the Cape Shawl, the Eiffel Tower Shawl, and Witch Warmers in Crochet. Of course, the first two are knitting. Just more incentive to learn it for real. (That, and I really need a Slytherin sweater.)
My dream vacation... Somewhere cool, for sure! And lots of space. Big tables for sewing (of which I do a little), big squashy seats for crocheting. Puppies that don't shed to snuggle when you have to throw your project down in frustration. Good music, and lots of movies you know so well you don't have to watch the action. Oh, and all the free yarn and fabric you could want!
Who gets...? Other folks. I've made myself one scarf (now the wrong House). I have, however, made at least four other scarves for others, currently have a giant blanket I'm slowly making for my sister, and am making afghan squares for a swap.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is...The hotties? Isn't that rhetorical? Oh, I guess you guys are pretty cool, too.

Hiya! It's no problem - it's my first year and most of my Rav friends are in my local knitting group
Who taught you? I taught myself from a book that came in a little knitting kit, so I could learn portable craft as an alternative to hauling my embroidery around when I worked on a phone survey job, and as a result I learned to knit "English...modified"
Favorite thing to make? I particularly like making socks because a plain sock is pretty fast and easy gratification, you can do a lot with them, and everyone needs and likes hand knit socks. Plus they're super portable!
What OWL...? I have biiiig plans for Herbology and Potions in the coming terms, I hope to score my Arithmancy O.W.L. this term.
My favorite thing found on Ravelry is... Hansi Singh's little knitted critters (knitted Anglerfish! Heaven!) I want to knit a Nessie for my mother.
My dream vacation...The last one I took was when i went to look for tailoring work in London, and I had a lot of free time on my hands, I taught my hostess to knit, knit socks all day and went to the fancy yarn shop in London (whose staff turned me on to Ravelry) If I did it again, I wouldn't mind heading to Northern India or Tibet - all the solitude a girl could want, and cashmere (and intense biodiversity!)
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... Hotties, Cameraderie and getting to know everyone else!

Who taught you? My mum assisted me in learning to knit by undoing any mistakes I made but I learnt the technique from a Hobby Craft leaflet, and then further techniques by taking on patterns with things I didn't know in. Crochet I learnt through a leaflet with Lion Brand Yarn. I've been doing both for about 2 years so far.
Favorite thing to make? I think my favourite thing to make is gloves. I have claustrophobic fingers so I make lots of fingerless pairs. I plan on making them using various techniques for different homeworks. Most of my projects tend to be for me as very few people I know would appreciate the effort required.
What OWL...? I'm really looking forward to my Potions OWL as I get to make two totally different sizes of a pattern.
My favorite thing found on Ravelry the illusion knit Hagrid shawl I've seen. That and the crochet by numbers Snape portrait.
My dream vacation... would probably be to go to Japan and tour the various craft shops I could find. I'd love to get a set of Japanese needles/hooks in all their odd sizes as well as lots of Japanese yarns. I'd also love lots of Japanese patterns because I love they way they're written with symbols rather than words.

Who taught you? Youtube. My mom was a seamstress, but never was interested in yarn. I had bought a crochet hook for turning seams for dollmaking, and hated having a tool that I wasn't using to it's full potential. 6 years later, here I am crocheting, knitting, spinning, and dying like crazy!
Favorite thing to make? Socks. Or toys. I love them both! They're quick, simple projects that really make people smile. I'm also way to impatient to wait weeks and weeks for my finished project.
My dream vacation... Sitting in a cozy little cabin in New Mexico, next to a roaring fire, knitting away. I'll visit the yarn shops as soon as the snow storm clears. Ahhh..... sounds heavenly.
Who gets...? My friends in the swap groups lately! I've taken to knitting things and trading them for yarn. My stash has grown exponentially since! I'll be slowing down soon, though. I need to make a few things for me before the holidays roll around!
My favorite thing about Slytherin is...The hotties. Without a doubt. ;)

Who taught you? Ok, so I'm freakishly brand new at knitting. I'm teaching myself as I go by watching YouTube videos and Google searching stitches. Many things I don't understand yet, but I know how to purl and stitch like a pro- does that count :)? I was actually drawn into knitting by this very site. I love the layout, the groups, how you can favorite things and add them to your queue, etc. It's a wonderful site to procrastinate on and I can spend hours favoriting things.
Favorite thing to make? So far, I really like making fingerless mitts. They are awesome!
What OWL...? No plans yet, but for DADA, making a cloak would be pretty awesome. I also like the options for care of magical creatures and divination! [Scary] Arithmancy scares me the most! anything to do with numbers scares me to death!
My favorite thing found on Ravelry is...I haven't even began to touch the surface of amazing projects- but I love the "Through the Woods" cowl/hood. I am going to attempt to make that for a class.
Who gets...? Me! because I've hardly made any items...Well, I'd give some to my mom, but doesn't believe the dishcloths I knitted work :(.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... Snakies and hotties and we are very friendly despite being devious!

Who taught you? I taught myself to knit in high school, crochet in college and spin this year.
Favorite thing to make? I love making hats since it gets cold here. Everyone loves hats, right? But everybody gets a scarf from me.
What OWL...? Arithmancy option 3- spin multiple plies and multiple yarns. I've never done a true 3 ply or 4ply or cable. I've only done 2 ply and chain-plied. Charms options 2-spin 800 yds of 2 ply laceweight yarn really scares me. I would need my spindles to get it that thin, but it would take forever.
Everyone should make... my Strawberry Blossom Baby Hat. It's so cute it makes you want to get pregnant. And yes, someday I will have a girl to put it on.
My favorite thing found on Ravelry is...photographoe's Norotastic Friend Blanket. Someday I will make a queen size..and someday I'll own Noro.
My dream vacation... No kids, or well behaved kids that let me knit. Could be anywhere, I'm EASY. ;)
Who gets...? My oldest son gets most of the items. He claims everything I'm working on, and I made him so much since he was my first baby.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... Slytherins have fun and their projects totally KICK. :)

Who taught you? I learned to knit from a book.
Favorite thing to make? Lately I've been a bit shawl crazy.
What OWL...? Ooo..honestly I don't know...most of the OWL's scare me..I haven't even been knitting an entire year. Mmmm....Potions scares me... but only because most of the assignments for Potions ask for skills I have yet to learn.
Everyone should make... the Shipwreck Shawl. Oh, it looks yummy!!!
My favorite thing found on Ravelry is...Actually..said item is what led me to the Cup..LNS..who oddly enough is another Lauren who was living in Vegas at the time I I am a Lauren who also lives in Vegas.. LNS made this adorable little Hedwig doll. I still can't wait to make it myself.
My dream vacation... I'd kill to get on a Knitting Cruise. KILL. ^___^
Whogets...? Mom or Hubby. heck...I have yet to knit ANYTHING for myself.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... The hotties of course!

Who taught you? My grandmother taught me to knit/crochet, and I mostly taught myself how to spin.
Favorite thing to make? Oh, man, this is hard. Shawls and sweaters, according to my queue.
What OWL...? Probably my Herbology OWL, since I haven't done serious cables in ages. I still have to submit my proposal, though. D: [Scary] CoMC, Bowtruckles option. I want to learn to weave.
Everyone should make... Any pattern by Ysolda Teague. They're so well-written.
My favorite thing found on Ravelry... Any of the multitude of stripy Noro socks.
My dream vacation...Touring the England/Scotland/Ireland/Wales with a stopover at Rhinebeck and then Sock Summit. If they all magically happened in the right time frame.
Who gets...? Me. Nobody else wants them.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... Honestly? kinda the hotties. Oh, and the Crazy As, for affirmation that I am not the only insane one.

Who taught you? My mom. She was going to teach knitting/crocheting to some kids at our library and she wanted an assistant. I learned how to crochet a while ago (when I was about 10 years old) and she taught me how to knit when I was 16 so I could help with the class. I helped teach the class even though I had my wisdom teeth out earlier that week. I didn't really want to learn how to knit, but she guilted me into it and I quickly got addicted.
Favorite thing to make? I LOVE hats. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I also like making blankets when I'm ambitious enough to finish them.
What OWL...? I'm not doing an OWL this term, but I hope to do some in the future. I want to do Arithmancy and finish as many adult hats as I can (no, seriously, I love making hats, lol) [Scary] I'm not sure yet. Probably one that would involve making something large, like a sweater. Or the free-form knitting/crochet.
Everyone should make... Hmmmm....good question. I really think that people should make something challenging to themselves for someone else (family member, friend, charity, etc) at least once. I think a great non-challenging charity project for everyone to make is a "recovery buddy" and donate one (they're fun to make, too!). On a less serious note, I feel like more people should make this pattern: Froggy Fashion. I'm really bad at this "choose one thing" idea.
My favorite thing found on Ravelry is...The Raynebow Blanket
My dream vacation... Mediterranean cruise with lots of sight-seeing and knitting time, of course!
Who gets...? It's now charities. The people I usually knit for have too many knitted items from me so far ;)
My favorite thing about Slytherin is...The Cussin' Contest. I haven't submitted any good swears yet, but when I saw that, I knew I would like this house :) Also, I'm excited for quidditch!

Who taught you? I remember my grandmother attempting to teach me how to crochet when i was little (obviously didn't take), and my step-mother taught me how to knit a couple of years ago.
Favorite thing to make? Just about anything... I love mixing and matching the colors and watching the finished object take shape.
What OWL...? Tough question... Maybe Herbology. I'd love to make something like Vivian. [Scary] Potions... Colorwork is still one area i haven't tried yet.
My dream vacation... One of the big sheep and wool festivals!
Who gets... ? I tend to keep most of what i make, as it's more "Oh that's pretty" sort of knitting lol.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... The humor and the snarkiness... and of course, the hotties

What a great idea to help introduce us little snakes to fabulous but sometimes overwhelming Slytherin House.
I am needlediva, First Year snake in Chrysopelea, the Flying Snake Nest.
Who taught you? I taught myself to knit when my son was an infant; I decided that I wanted to learn, so used written tutorials and YouTube.
Favorite thing to make? I love knitting sweaters most.
What OWL...? This term, I'm doing a pattern design Astronomy OWL - an open-front shortsleeve cardi. I'm also looking forward to resizing a garment - maybe Twinkle - for Arithmancy. I'm not so excited about cables for Herbology; they look good, but I don't like knitting them.
Everyone should make... Ambition, you say? I think everyone should knit my design Elysium - a garter short row cardi with no seaming!
My favorite thing found on Ravelry is...Too many favorites!
My dream vacation... I would love to go to Italy and be allowed to tour some high end textile and knitting mills, especially those that do private label for couture.
Who gets...? It's all about me when I knit, usually.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is...The Crazy A's supportive ambition; they're very motivating, and in the best, encouraging way.

Who taught you? My grandmothers taught me to knit and crochet
Favorite thing to make? At the moment, socks
My dream vacation... A cruise, touring fabulous fiber regions
Who taught you? Let's see, i taught myself to knit and crochet from a book my grandmother got me for Christmas. Favorite thing to make? My favorite type of item to make is little kid's toys :)
My favorite thing found on Ravelry is... is the Phoenix Rising Bag I found by accident one day :)
Who gets...? ME!!!!!!!!!
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... let's Gryffindors? No offense! XD

Oh how fun! I'm a 6th year, but new to Slytherin, so it's fun to be the "new kid" again!
Who taught you? My grandma, when I was a kid :)
Favorite thing to make? Baby clothes! They're fun, quick, and people love them!
What OWL...? I think I love my Herbology the best out of the ones I've done... not sure if I can top it! [Scary] Arithmancy - so much repetition! shudder
Everyone should make... Hmmmm... this is a tough one! I guess I'll say my LoveSocks
My favorite thing found on Ravelry...Oh that is IMPOSSIBLE to say! I have about a million faves!
My dream vacation... A road trip through Europe, knitting in the car the whole time, starting and ending at the Wollmeise store!
Who gets...? Friends having babies! (so many of those right now!)
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... Getting to hang out with my Snakey House Cup friends.... and tooting my own horn.

Who taught you? My grandmother taught me to knit when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I learned crocheting at school. Spinning I learned by watching videos on YouTube a couple of years back. and I went to a weaving class last winter, but I remember I learned first to weave at school when I was about 14. I love to learn new techniques.
Favorite thing to make? Hats.
What OWL...? I'm looking forward to dyeing the fiber for my Transfiguration owl. I will be doing two spinning owls this term. I'm planning to do two spinning owls this term and what scares me is when my owl teacher calls me ambitious. I hope I can do both owls in time.
Everyone should make... well my Baby Booties pattern is a favorite of mine to teach and I love combining it with the BSJ.
My favorite thing found on Ravelry...there are so many I cant name any.
My dream vacation... a big convention with lots of classes and lots of fibery goodness and parties where it is normal to bring your knitting to enjoy with the drinks and hotties.
Who gets...? My family.
My favorite thing about Slytherin is... the fun, the hotties and the drinks and most of all the awesome and supportive Slytherins!!

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  1. Fabulous interviews! I love getting to know fellow snakes better.