Thursday, June 3, 2010

Look, a Blog Post!

Thank you interested Slytherins for tuning in to our extra special Slytherin blog! Sorry it's been kind of fail the last few weeks. It just has been....chaos. That's all I've got.

Anyway, I've been planning a post for the last few weeks, I just wanted to wait to the end of the month before I did it. I've been favoriting some projects as I come across them throughout the month, and I wanted to share those here. So that'll come up in the next few days or so.

Right now, I'll share some general things to know:

  • Have you looked at the Headmistress Challenge yet? Scarlettb posted a very relevant post about it in the Dungeon a while back.

  • We had a great time doing our May Tea Party, so we've decided to do something fun for June too! We're having a Slytherin Summer Jam! This isn't required, and there's probably no bonus for us doing it as a group, but it's a fun way to get to know one another, and shake up the projects a bit. For our Tea Party, see the dungeon thread here or check out the 3 pages of projects!!

  • Have you done Quidditch yet, or are you at least considering it? We have all term to complete it, but it's a major fountain of point-potential. If you aren't sure where to start, check out the Quidditch thread in the Slytherin Dungeon. It explains things from a Slytherin point of view, and you can ask questions there. As Quidditch staff, I'm equipped to provide answers. :)

  • Work on those Owls this month, and remember you've got to be at 50% (not 30%!) by the end of June. Speaking of that, I really should go work on mine, so, keep on carrying on, everyone!

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