Friday, June 4, 2010

Memo's from St Mungos

See they do let us out on day passes... silly healers! ;)
Okay here you go...our ideas to (we hope) provide inspiration!

Summer Jam song ideas:

Summer of '69

Summer Nights from Grease

Kenny Chesney's Summertime

No shirt, no shirt, no problems

Cheeseburger in paradise Someone HAS to use this for Herbology... come on you know you want to!

A gazillion versions of 'whiskey in the jar'.

Fishin' in the dark

Kid Rock's All Summer Long

... pause to watch the Pretty...

::fans self:: Okay, back to the lists. ;)

Project ideas, regular class and Summer Jam:


Watermelon cup cozies and napkin rings.

Hey look! A Cheeseburger!

Ohh, Picnic sandwiches!

Dead fish work here too...

Ancient Runes:

Japanese Kanji chart for 'drink'

A wee Klingon

Wrath of Khan shrug

Cyberman chart (Mayan)

Elvish hat

Charms and Potions:

Sun and Moon earrings. Light/dark, Charms

Candle themed patterns for Potions

Walk on the Beach coaster, light/dark, Charms

HEEEE so cute- Lightbulb... literally! Make a yellow one and a black one for Charms AND Potions.

Candlestick and candle... can't deny the connection there, lol! There is even one with a wick and one without.


Comfort themed ideas for Helga Hufflepuff

Book themed and pearls of wisdom socks for Rowena Ravenclaw.

Brave for Godric Gryffindor

For Salazar Slytherin


This one is all about your desires... Do you really want us linking you our ideas? ;) Seriously though... a pair of anything will work here. Mitts, Socks...

Oh look Bikinis to go with your Buffet songs! :whistles innocently: They do have TWO parts...

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