Saturday, January 2, 2010

In the Dungeon: The first two days of term

Hello Slytherins!

First off, Big Snakes and Middle Snakes, PLEASE encourage your Little Snakes to follow the blog and check here for regular updates if they are afraid of the dungeon! There's a lot of stuff going on right now that we know they don't want to miss!

Also, I need to say, I'm not posting everything that happens in the Dungeon. I'm trying to post the highlights. If I miss something you found entertaining or important, please feel free to post the info and the post # in the comments! As I get more used to this, hopefully I'll get better at including the best highlights, and always remember, these are the things that interest ME. I am, after all, a Slytherin. I have to put myself first. :)

  • Quidditch Is Up! Our esteemed captain Zanahoria12 needs any and all interested in playing a Big 7 Position (this is seeker, beaters, chasers) to tryout. Info is here
  • This didn't take place in the Dungeon but official Quidditch info is here
  • The new term brings us a whole new term of hotties! (okay, so lots of them are probably the same hotties...) Come look at the luscious and vote for your favorites (vote for Ewan!) Hotties are changed usually every Friday night, so nominate your favorites too!
  • The Ultimate Hottie from the Fall Term Hottie-Off is Johnny Depp. And he's gorgeous. (I'm sorry Professor Snape but I voted for Jack Sparrow! Yum!) He's spending the week in the Dungeon Header (and the rest of the term chained up next to my chair!), and there's varying levels of Hot in this post
  • Coleva, also known in the Potions classroom as Professor Feelgood, is awesome. Apparently I failed to sufficiently mention this in my last post, thus I'm correcting that failure here.
  • Are you a Slytherin sans an appropriately evil Ravatar? If you need some new icon bling, go here. They do requests, and it might be easier to wade through than the Dungeon. Props to seakame for linkage in the dungeon.
  • Finally, my most squee-worthy post of the last few days, first year TurpentineChai brings Steampunk to the Dungeon. It's so awesome I'm putting up a picture. Steampunk StarWars anyone? Vader, Fett, and Leia.


  1. I got linked?! Awesome, but more awesome is the steampunk pic and the hotties

  2. HAHAHAHA!! I love you. That is all.