Saturday, January 2, 2010

Greetings from your Quidditch Captain!

Hi everyone!

I'm Erika, a.k.a. Zanahoria12 and I'm Quidditch Captain (and Keeper) this term!

While we're waiting for the ultimate rules and regulations post to go up, I thought I'd share some important things with you about how we're going to handle our strategy.

  1. We have a separate Quidditch Pitch thread on the Rav group. I'll be making most of the announcements and requests-for-information posts over there to save the Common Room from further craziness. If you're interested in Quidditch this term, please try to pop in.
  2. We also have a website for our Quidditch Pitch where I like to put the information in one place so that it's easy to find in the shuffle. There's a link in the sidebar over there at the top of the blog page --->
  3. We're also in the process of setting up a SSSQS (Super Secret Slytherin Quidditch Strategy) Google Wave. Google Wave is a way of interaction in real-time or not. You'll need an account to get into our Wave, so if you need an invite, please visit the Quidditch Pitch thread on Ravelry. There's a link to a form there in the second post, right under the list of Big 7 Team members so that you can request one.
  4. Tryouts will be via Google form. Once the form is finalized, a link will be posted in the Quidditch Pitch thread, on the website, and on the Wave. If you wish to play for one of the Big 7 Team Positions, you must fill out this form. First-Years are eligible for the House team, and all applications will be given equal consideration for a position.
  5. January will be Ravelry stash organization. Be prepared to organize and photograph and tag large portions, if not all, of your stash. Everyone in the House can do this for points and those Big 7 members in charge of organizing activities and events will do their best to motivate and support you in this endeavor.
  6. February we will be traveling to take part in the Ravelympics. They have their own group if you want to start reading about it. There's a link to this group in the Second Post as well. We need a team name so I can register us with the Ravelympics group. Our team name must include: Slytherin, Cup, and Quidditch. PM me on Ravelry with your ideas. We'll vote sometime next week.
  7. March is our Cool Down period. We don't yet know what this entails, but I promise we'll be right on top of it once we do know.

That should be everything for the moment. I'll check in periodically with updates and news:)



  1. Hey Z12, just to let you know, I will also be posting any useful Quidditch updates you make as links in my In the Dungeon column, regardless of if they took place in the dungeon itself or not. :)

  2. Great post, Z12.

    Please sign up on the Slytherin Google Wave spreadsheet even if you know nothing about how to use the Wave. I flunked Muggle Studies and still figured out how to use it.