Thursday, July 25, 2013

Slytherin Hottie League!!!

Semi Final Scoreboard

Match 1
Match 2
Jason Issacs
Ewan McGregor
Robert Downey Jr.
Chris Hemsworth

In a shocking upset, Ewan McGregor has emerged victorious over Chris Hemsworth.  Ewan squeaked into the final after being tied for 2nd place with Jensen Ackles.  Chris, on the other hand, lost only one match going into the Semis, and that was the Pit vs. Pool match up against finalist Robert Downey Jr. in week 5.

Now can Ewan finish his Cinderella story by handing Robert Downey Jr. his first loss?  Only you have the answer Snakes!

Representing the Pit, Ewan McGregor.

And representing the Pool, Robert Downey Jr.

This just might be the toughest final yet.  Both have roguish good looks, can play the hero, the heartthrob, and the tortured soul, and are a little bit bad too...

Which of these hotties will be the Slytherin Hottie League Champion for Spring 13?

Cast your votes now!!!

You have until 23:59POT on Wednesday July 31st to make your choice!

Don't let your hottie down!

In other SHL news, next term the league will keep the same head to head format.

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