Monday, May 6, 2013

Remembrall: 6-12 May

Hope everyone enjoyed the first few days of term, there's lots going on so let's see what needs attenting to this week.

Thursday 9th - Quidditch Ohm ends.  This is a useful and simple tidy-up task so if you haven't participated just choose one of the tasks (organize your stash / project page / craft room / favourites / queue / library ) and get it done for 15 points.  Details of how to screencap (for your before and after shots) are on the Quidditch thread, and don't forget your SQ15Ohm tag.

OWL proposals are being accepted between now and the end of this month, and the sooner you get your proposal approved the sooner you can begin crafting.  OWLs are now worth a huge 200 pointsso it's well worth giving them a go.  The current list of subject choices can be found here.

The Order of the Phoenix are accepting BROOMS between now and the end of next week, so now is a good time to get plotting.  Details of missions and how to hand in your mission proposal are in the thread.

This month's Unity task is crafting Fascinators with the Ravenclaws, so head over to the Tower for more details and to find yourself a crafting partner.

As we are Slytherins and plotting and ambition are our way of life, now is also a good time to declare your Slytherin Quest for the term ahead.  Details of the quests can be found in the Quest thread.

And finally, another fun task for this week is to nominate your favourites for the Slytherin Hottie League.

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