Friday, May 3, 2013


The first day of Spring Term saw the Detention classroom bursting with Slytherin socks.    While this reporter failed miserably in her attempt to join in the fun, 33 Snakes presented their completed pairs--crazy, ugly, and otherwise--on May 1st.  Socks ranged from itty bitty baby pairs to fantastic knee-highs. 

Fosterson kicked off the fun with his Jayne bedsocks:

Kareyknits caused quite a stir in the Pit with her nifty, no-heel, spiral socks:

Check out Maigret's mouth-watering watermelon socks:

Littlebull's super knee-highs celebrate last term's Cup victory:

Dakotatwilight's reversed engineered, toe-up knee-highs are a work of art:

Jajigirl tried entrelac for the first time with this pair.  Way to go!

Knitsquid striped up this pair in a darkened lecture hall:

We're off to a great start, Snakes!

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