Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's Technique Tuesday with TCI! 

Each Tuesday- I'll share with you a new technique!  Some of these techniques may be familiar, some a refresher and some you'll have totally mastered already!

Our first technique is casting on! All knitting begins with a cast-on, which creates loops on the needle.

The first cast on I ever learned was the "Long tailed cast on", which is also known as a Double Cast on and/or Continental Cast on. It's a pretty stretchy cast on and goes pretty quick once you get the hang of it! :)

For this cast on, you start with a slip knot that is created with a long tail hanging.

For me, (who is a rightie) the yarn is held in the left hand and is picked up by inserting my fingers between the two strands of yarn at the slip knot join. And wrapping one piece around my thumb and the other around my forefinger.

To create a stitch, You trace the tip of the knitting needle under the yarn on your thumb and over yarn on your forefinger, bringing the tail yarn back through the loop and let go with your thumb.


And there you have it - you have stitches on your needle!

You may want to try watching this video here  - as it shows the cast on in process!

A few notes to ponder - 
If you are a tight knitter (like me) you can cast on over two needles rather than just one. 
You can start this cast on -with or without- a slip knot. 
This cast on actually creates a row of knit stitches as it casts on, though most patterns ignore this row! 

Additional cast ons can be found over at Knitting Help

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