Friday, May 17, 2013


This month, Slytherin House joined forces with Ravenclaw House for a glamorous fascinator-a-long.  In the spirit of Unity, Snakes and Eagles partnered to create elegant toppers for classes.  Take a gander at some of the miniature millinery produced by Slytherin students.

Cookknitwine had some trouble with accidental hippos in Transfiguration class.  Luckily, her Ravenclaw partner sorted her out, and she celebrated with a fishy fascinator:

Rockinsticks made an intriguing discovery about Sir Cadogan's holiday destination.  She reportedly enjoys pairing her llama fascinator with her green bathrobe for trips into the yard:

Shaylamyst created this feathery fascinator to represent her raven patronus for DADA:

Silksky delighted her 13-year-old daughter with this splendid birthday fascinator--by special request:

Interested in getting in on the fascinator action?  Stop by Ravenclaw Tower to find yourself a partner!

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