Sunday, February 3, 2013

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination; Last week of January

Evil tears through the Common room at a dead run, fails to skid to a stop before she smashes into the Bulletin Board, but manages to post a quickly scribbled and extremely crumpled report. Phew, made it on time.

The classrooms were jammed to the rafters last week! Badgers came out on top.
1. Hufflepuff with 270 and a partial.
2. Ravenclaw with 263
3. Slytherin with 260
4. Gryffindor with 251

OK, here’s what you really want to know:
The month of January was all about the Lions and their Pride.
1. Gryffindor with 634
2. Slytherin with 570
3. Hufflepuff with 539 and a partial
4. Ravenclaw with 527 and a partial

What have we learned? The first week sets the tone, so post something quick!!!!!

We’re still close enough to steal the cup away from the Lions. Let’s take over February. That means now, crafty Snakes.

Go Slytherin, go!

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