Friday, February 1, 2013

Diminuendo The Rest

The February Classes have been posted!

Did you check them out? Got everything plotted? No? Have you visited our Study Hall recently? 3SecondFish, KnitKitSune and CookKnitWine have lots of ideas to help you craft for Slytherin Glory. The Handy Printable List of Prompts is already posted plus the Whimsical List of Suggestions. So, Go. Look. Now!

Did you know that the Slytherin Baby Blanket Shower is continuing on? Plus this month's bombing of Detention is Blanket Squares. Kizmet, yes?

Knockturn Alley has had some updates posted recently. Be sure to check them out. Starknits has been sewing up bags, Joseybug has fandom inspired stitch markers, and Hermione Jean posted a club - I think the spots are filled, but there are lots of lovely yarns and more in her shop.

Interhouse Unity this month is with Hufflepuff. We are partnering up for Quidditch Challenge 2 and Quidditch Game 2. What a great way to match those puffs post for post in Quidditch. Perhaps this will be our way to winning the cup from them?

Are you Questing? Even if you aren't go visit the Quest thread and check out the cool collages/photos being posted. Posting a collage isn't required to quest, but it is fun to show off all you accomplished in January whether it was one class or all the things. Remember to tag your class and detention project pages with "SQWIN13".

Happy Crafting!

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