Monday, January 28, 2013

The Remembrall: 28th Jan. - 3rd Feb.

Tuesday 29th is the first deadline day of the week when it's time to hand in any last minute entries for the Quidditch Fruitcake Game.   This game is truly an easy way to grab an easy 15-20 points as the only rule is that your item has to be multicolouredWhip up a quick hexipuff or banket square in multi-coloured yarn and claim it is inspired by the many colours of fruitcake ingredients.

If your square is for charity, mention that in your turn-in and use the CharityQ14 tag for 5 bonus points.

All class projects need to be in on Thursday 31st, and don't forget that you can hand in any unfinished items for partial credit.  Thursday is also the last date for any NEWT alterations and your 50% NEWT progress.  For anyone still wanting to do an OWL who hasn't handed in their proposal yet, Thursday is your last chance to submit proposals so get swatching and writing.

If you have everything handed in already you might want to think about starting next month's Detention or preparing your January Slytherin Quest Collage.

Finally, the Quidditch Shades Challenge begins on Sunday 3rd so it's time to get plotting.  As always, visit the Slytherin Locker Room for ideas and pattern suggestions.

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