Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Technique Tuesdays: Granny Squares!

Granny Squares are indispensable tools in the crocheter’s arsenal.  Small, fast, easy to whip up they are suitable for beginners and great for using up scrap yarn!

They’re also perfect little projects to fit in for Quidditch or an extra class.

So let’s take a look at how to make one:

First you need to start with a circle to work in to.  You can make this circle with a chain of stitches, work into one stitch or a ‘magic loop’ slipknot that you can pull tight when you are finished.

To make a starting chain, chain 5-8 stitches (6 is normal) and join that small chain into a loop.  Then work your first row of stitches over the chain, into the center of the loop.

This method is shown: HERE

To work into a stitch, chain 1 + your turning chain.  Then work into the very first chain multiple times and join to your first chain.

To make a magic loop you need to hold the yarn backwards and make a slip knot.  By backwards I mean if this is the way you usually hold your yarn to work:
You want to hold the yarn with the end going in the opposite direction like this:
Make a slip knot and then drop the yarn and pick it back up the normal way.  Make your turning chain.  Work your first row of stitches into the loop:
When you are done, join to your turning chain.  You have a loose circle:
But!  Because you held your yarn in the opposite direction, the end you have left can be pulled to snug the loop up.  If you forget to hold your yarn in the opposite direction to make the slip know, the end that will tighten the loop will be your working end, and you’ll either end up with a loose sloppy loop you cannot pull tight, or while working the first row you’ll pull your loop out.  So remember to hold it opposite to form the slipknot!

Once you’re done with your first row, follow your pattern for succeeding rows.  

The tutorial link above will walk you through how to do the most basic granny square, but if you're past the basics, check out all the variations! You can even make them with owls!

Just think about it.  You can go the minimum and make one square or go the distance and make an afghan - and anywhere in between!  Granny squares are the perfect project for the busy crafter and the Slytherin on the go!

Single squares can become coasters, or dishcloths if you work them in cotton.  You can double them up to make 

They easily become pillows or purses and you can even make one huge granny square to cover your whole bed 

You can link them all together in a long chain to make a scarf or link them in a circle for a hat.  If you're daring you can make a bracelet or even earrings!

You can even make them into kid sweaters, dog sweaters... and more dog sweaters

Really, you can't get much better for Slytherin domination than the granny square. 

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