Monday, January 14, 2013

The Remembrall: 14th-20th Jan.

This is a relatively quiet week, so it's time to get on with your classes, your OWLs and your NEWTs. 

For those who have been awaiting news of this term's Headmistress Challenge, it was launched yesterday and involves a Wizard’s Duel!  The challenge runs until February 17th but you need to find a duelling partner from another house before taking part, so head over to The Anteroom to find someone to duel with.

Saturday 19th
The Fruitcake Quidditch Game begins on Saturday so you might want to get thinking about what to craft.  Head over to the Slytherin Locker Room to gather some ideas or check out the video below for a little inspiration.

Sunday 20th
Last date for BROOM Proposals on Sunday so if you are wanting to attempt an Order Mission and haven't submitted your mission of choice yet, now is the time to get writing.

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