Sunday, January 20, 2013

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Jan 12-18

And this week belongs to the Snakes!!!!! Yesssss. Way to go Noble Slytherins.

The weekly totals:
1. Slytherin with 98
2. Gryffindor with 83
3. Ravenclaw with 77
4. Hufflepuff with 70

Overall this month the Lions still hold the lead, but we are starting to catch up. Favorite class this week was Flying with Potions coming in a very close second.

Just a reminder for your long-term plot schemes – February is short, so try to get ahead on your OWLs, NEWTs and BROOMs this month so the halfway point is not a scramble. Also, there is more time this month to get in extra homework assignments and it’s the best time of year to use up scrap yarn.

FYI: Quidditch Game 1 is up and running, so take a break and join in an a-long.

Keep up the excellent crafting Snakes.

Go Slytherin, go!

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