Friday, January 18, 2013

Diminuendo The Rest

As we come to the middle of January, let's check in and see how things are going.

Slytherin Spinning Lounge

Lots of lovelies were posted this week in the Spinning Lounge, including some NEWT spinning from Eurekas:

This lovely Unicorn Spin in progress for CoMC by Seashelly:

There was also a discussion about art yarns and that you don't necessarily need a Jumbo Flyer to do them.

Some NEWT spinning from Alrischa:

And then there was a discussion on spinning loftier yarns which let to talking about carding.

Somnii1223 posted this lovely 2ply:

And be sure to drop in and check out some of the lovely fibers that MorganLauren was showing off. 

Weaving Studio

Meanwhile in the Weaving Studio, several lovely scarves have popped up. From Alrischa with Unicorn hair:

And then Langwidere:

This was followed up with some good ole' enabling for a Fringe Twister.


The Slytherfit thread has been pretty active this week with lots of Snakes working on setting up good habits. Be sure to stop by and cheer on your fellow snakes or report on how things are going.

Hope everyone has a Happy Craft Filled Weekend!

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