Friday, November 2, 2012

The Slug Club, week 9!

Welp, that's another successful month wrapped up in the Dungeons! There was so much crafting, right up until the very end, that undoubtedly some of it is going to spill over into next month... and so in today's Slug Club, we'll salute those noble efforts known as the partial turn-ins...


and Shlaci got some significant research done in HoM.

Naturallyknitty got all her singles finished in Herbology. Now for the plies!

Knitsquid began this squashy cowl in Potions.


and SidewalkPony made valiant efforts in Charms. Charming!

Cubejelly toils away on a majestic magic carpet in Flying class.

And finally, needlesnswiffers...

and suenosdejmi get started on some stripey projects in DADA.

Roll on into November, snakies! Come the end of the term, that Cup will be ours again!!

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