Sunday, November 4, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Oct 27-Nov 2

I can totally understand why the Muggles go crazy when they lose power for more than a few days – imagine if your wand snapped and you didn’t know when it would be repaired. We live among these poor crazed Muggles and do what we can to help them out without letting them know we’re using magic. Still, it makes it hard to concentrate on magical classes – with no thanks to the Ravenclaws who waited until the last 3 days of the month to post 60% of their projects. Yes, they beat us in October too.

Grumble, grumble; it’s a good thing they are so inspiring and endearing…

So, finals for October are as follows:
1. Righteous Ravenclaw with 527 and a partial
2. Superb Slytherin with 492
3. Gorgeous Gryffindor with 432
4. Hard-working Hufflepuff with 395 and a partial.

Gryffindor grabbed an early lead the first two days of November with 16 projects – more than double from any other house. Nice work Lions.

So here we are – last chance to keep the cup. The full total homework post standings are as follows:
1. Claws at 1185
2. Snakes at 1066
3. Lions at 98
4. Badgers at 924

If we did the same amount as September and the Claws dropped off a little we could catch them. Really.

Go Slytherin! Get in your tiny projects in multitudes – and do it now in case the power goes out. Homework by wand is not always an option, plus it overwhelms the Professors. Grumpy Teachers does not equal extra bonus points.

Fly my Pretties, fly!

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