Saturday, October 13, 2012

Staff Saturday!

It's Staff Saturday again here on the blog - and todays interview is brought to you as I sit back and relax  with my feet dangling in the water as I chat with our House Bartender - Joseybug here at the Poolside bar. 

TCI : Joseybug, before I get in to the real questions - I've just got to say- I really like this Electric Popsicle that you made me.  It's De-licious! Thank you very much!   

Joseybug : You are mighty welcome! 

TCI: So let's get into this interview, before I empty my glass.  First question - In addition to serving us as Bartender, I hear you're also a Mama Snake - would you care to say hello to your nesties who I am sure are reading along. 

Joseybug: {Joseybug takes a big breath...} Hello all my snakes in the  Morelia Viridis Nest !!! bcts1022 slytherknit eliseaboo eskimopam rivetkitten robynrenee damiknitter Acemom cookknitwine pdxmama piperredfern knidancer Oshelle sketchymurr and KarenRedBaron

TCI: My my my- that was a mouthful! You seem to have that list down pat - how long have you been a Mama Snake? 

Joseybug: This is my 3rd term as a Big Snake for the Morelia Virdis and I’ve loved all of my terms! 

TCI: I can surely see that. Wow, a Mama Snake for three terms - May I ask, how long have you been in the house cup and what kind of crafting do you do? 

Joseybug: This is my 7th term in the Cup, all have been in the Noble House of Slytherin. I’m a knitter, crocheter, spindle-spinner, and basic Kool-aid dyer. And, can I mention I’m also one of the Quidditch Coaches and I encourage everyone to participate in my favorite extracurricular activity.

TCI :  || Takes a sip of her beverage, and grins. De-licious!! || Wow, a lady of many talents! I see having stalked your projects before sitting down here, you've been a busy crafter. Any chance you can you tell us, what was your favorite project from last term? 

Joseybug: Hands down, My alpaca-merino-silk spinning. 

TCI: Ohhhh - that sounds almost as yummy as this drink! 

Joseybug: ::giggles:: It is! And can I add in - its also been thanks to the cup that I really learned how to spin.  AND, can I also add - you house cuppers are awesome - especially when it comes to making me wanna learn. You can't believe all the fun I've had Kool Aid dying thanks to the cup!!!

TCI : That is so awesome!! But now, its time to get down to the niddy-griddy.... why did you become a member of Snake Staff and what's been your proudest moment of enabling as a Snake? 

Joseybug: Well, first - I wanted to help out and join in the fun. And second- Anytime I can get more people playing quidditch!  

TCI: And now - the toughest question of the night... trapped on an island with only one yarn to craft with - what would it be? 

Joseybug: Malabrigo. 

TCI : Here! Here! || TCI raise her glass || You make a fine drink and have a great taste in yarn! This interview and beverage have been a pleasure.  Could you please do me a favor, well, two really - first - promise you'll share this recipe with me and second- can you please leave us with a few words of wisdom.  :) 

Joseybug: I can do both those things - lets just first wait til you stop recording for the recipe - we do have some under 21 eyes that could be reading.  As for words of wisdom - Quite simply "Craft what you love." 

TCI : I repeat - a fine crafter, great taste in yarn and a wonderful Bartender! Thank you Joseybug!!! 

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