Sunday, October 14, 2012

Evil’s Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Oct 6-12

As the weather cools down the competition is heating up! It’s a real tight race this term and it’s still anyone’s game.

This week the Lions pulled ahead with 56 posts
We Snakes were second with 50
And the Claws and Badgers tied with 41

This means the Gryffindors are holding steading to win this month, but overall the Ravenclaw’s still have quite a lead.

What does this mean to Slytherin, you ask? Either way you slice it, we’re not first, so start crafting small to boost the homework count! It’s the time of year for ornaments of all kinds and everyone has a use for a chapstick cozy or tissue holder.

We can do this Noble Slytherins! Eyes on the Prize. Go team!

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