Saturday, September 22, 2012

Staff Saturday!!!

It's Staff Saturday!!!! 

Saturdays are a great day here on the blog where we sit down and have a quick heart to heart with the heart and soul of the Snake Pit - the Snake Staff. Each week, TCI will be playing host to another Staffer to give you a look into the life as a Snake!

This week we have an interview with one of our Big Snakes giving you a look into the eye of life as a Momma Snake.  Would you please give a warm welcome to Polcamilla.

TCI: Welcome to Staff Saturday - please tell us a little about yourselves and why you decided to become a Momma Snake.

Polcamilla: Hello! I'm a B2 and became a Big Snake because I wanted to help other Slytherins. I'm the Mama Krait! :: Waves to the little Kraits::

TCI: I must ask, you're a B2 - which means you've been around the House Cup for quite a long time - is there anything new that you've learned thanks to the cup? A technique or just real life tidbit?

Polcamilla: Spinning my own yarn.

TCI:  I can see you sure are a proud Mama Snake. I'm sure as a Big Snake (and as a B2) you have had an hand at enabling other Snakes over the years. Please tell us- what's your proudest moment of enabling someone else in the Dungeon?

Polcamilla: :: Looks a little shocked at being called an enabler ::  Gosh...I can't recall. I know I lured a few individuals into the pit of Wollmeise.

TCI: Wollmeise? Well lets just say I've heard of that slippery slope of a yarn stash enhancer. Would you say that if you were trapped on an island, that Wollmeise would be the one skein of yarn you'd want to be trapped with?

Polcamilla: I would not allow myself to be in that position. What would I do once I ran out of yarn?

TCI: A very wise answer from a Slytherin. Aside from not getting yourself trapped on an island, do you have any other words of wisdom for your fellow Snakes?

Polcamilla: Try something new every day. Charming notion, isn't it? Still, rather risky. Better to talk someone else into trying it first so that if it goes horribly awry, you already know what mistakes to avoid for next time.

TCI: Another very wise answer, its no wonder you're a Mama Snake!

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