Sunday, September 23, 2012

Evil's Cheat Sheet of Total Domination, Sept 15-21

Classes were absolutely packed this week. Awesome job to all the students; way to keep the teachers on their toes! Consequently, things were super close:

1. Hufflepuff with 87 homework posts
2. Ravenclaw with 83 homework posts
3. Slytherin with 82 homework posts
4. Gryffindor with 58 homework posts (they may be running out of places to turn them in after last week’s showing.)

Checking the overall totals, it’s still anyone’s game.
• The Claws are on top with 229
• Then those hardworking Badgers with 217
• The Lions have 212
• And then the Snakes with 211

Don’t panic – give it all you’ve got this week (why, yes the month is almost over – little more than one week left, stop procrastinating) and we can still come out on top.

Go Slytherin! Put the OWLs down and crank out that homework because only one project will count next month in detention. Speaking of which, now’s the time to turn in your just-can’t-possibly-get-it-done projects for partial credit.

Let's keep the cup in the Dungeon! Go Snakes, go!

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