Saturday, June 9, 2012

Project Showcase, week six!

Goodness, snakes, some cat-related situations caught up with me yesterday and I couldn't make my post. But ho! Here are some of the fabulous projects turned in this week:

Oshelle turned in this spunky little hat for CoMC.

Alrischa distilled the essence of the flutterby flower into this lovely skein in Herbology.

Nothing better than a summer gin and tonic, as cookknitwine shows... lots of Slytherins turned out for Potions this week, well done!

SandraSts found this little guy while researching in Borgin and Burke's for HoM.

There's more yarn than you think in this cowl... TrishBadish doubled up with the fingering weight in Charms.

These will sure keep you comfy on a broom handle! txfish's furry, furry pants in Flying class.

MaraE keeps her Muggle coins secure with a folding pouch in Muggle Studies.

Until next time, housemates! Craft on!

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