Thursday, May 10, 2012

Turn it around....

As you may have noticed - WIP Wednesday kinda got away from me this week. So instead I bring you a "Turn it Around Thursday"post - as we wait for the appearance of this weeks Hotties!! 

Yesterday in the Snake Pit our fearless leader unveiled one of our newest threads - the Hedwig Memorial Society! The focus of the HMS is an organized effort to participate in Detention’s WIP Wednesday!The Hedwig Memorial Society, will be focusing on old OWLs that didn’t get finished, but if you have no old owls, bring any WIP older than this month and come on down!

So- Do you have a failed OWL you'd like to finish? Or maybe you have a project thats gotten the best of you?  Is your corner of WIP shame growing bigger and bigger by the day? Is there a project you want to finish but just CAN'T pull yourself together to do it? Then the HMS is for you! 
As the announcement in the new thread mentions, "There is no scheduled meet up time, so just pick a time on Wednesday and spend some quality time with an old project. When you’re finished, come on by here and show off your progress!" 

After an awesome showing in Detention for our first week of classes - I was happy to see additional Detention postings by all you wonderful Snakes! Nearly 20 more Snakes have posted Detention this past week!  Here are a few Slytheriffic projects from the Detention Dungeon. 

LambChop00 made a visit to Detention with DoomGoat!!! 

Angelorum is prepping for a Sorting a few years down the road with this Slytherin Stripey romper!

This Gothic Dream by  Finnsmydog  is simply stunning! 

First year Xaintes showed her Slytherin Style with this bag made of Disagree! 

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