Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Mix

Accio cake!

First off, Happy Birthday to our Snakeyest, Snarkiest,  Sneakiest, (sexiest√ú), Smartest Professor in the whole of Hogwarts! Slyther On, Severus Snape!

Next, some random awesome from the week:

In Muggle Studies, we learned all about the Snape of the Sea ;) with CookKnitWine's Muggle Studies assignment.

 Shadygrove made this awesome and intriguing washcloth for Defence:

 And DontPokeMe311's amazing little octopus, ready for Muggle Studies (not quite posted there yet.)

I love trawling through the finished objects, and there are so many good ones already!

Until next week, have fun, build those stashes, and dream big dreams of World Domination :D

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