Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Mix

Accio cake!

First off, Happy Birthday to our Snakeyest, Snarkiest,  Sneakiest, (sexiestÜ), Smartest Professor in the whole of Hogwarts! Slyther On, Severus Snape!

Next, some random awesome from the week:

In Muggle Studies, we learned all about the Snape of the Sea ;) with CookKnitWine's Muggle Studies assignment.

 Shadygrove made this awesome and intriguing washcloth for Defence:

 And DontPokeMe311's amazing little octopus, ready for Muggle Studies (not quite posted there yet.)

I love trawling through the finished objects, and there are so many good ones already!

Until next week, have fun, build those stashes, and dream big dreams of World Domination :D

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