Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Mix

Just a little bit of Slytherin Awesome from this last week. 

Alyanome created this for the Librarian's Challenge...

and also this, for Charms homework, just to prove that Awesome doesn't need to be Massive

This awesomeness by Eurekas is just a small fraction of her massive NEWT

as this is just a piece of Joseybug's OWL
 Knitsquid whipped this up for the Order of the Phoenix

and Rockinsticks is awesome for even considering an OWL in black lace, yet she also completed it.

Doom Goat socks ran through the BROOM thread, thanks to Rubyyarn

and Seashelly overcame injury to produce this piece of Awe for her OWL (:thwack:)

As for Shelvicious, not only was her OWL mindbending, but her love and concern for her friends is awesome, too. LOL!

And that's all from Australia this evening! Thanks for having me this term :) If we are still blogging through the holiday, I'll tune in then to, erm... show you all the socks I'm planning to darn... hehe.

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