Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Final Stretch

I am still not sure where November went, but here we are the last week of the Fall Term. The last Tri-Wizard Task is still going on and right now Slytherin is fighting to be in 3rd place. The scores so far are:

Hufflepuff 25
Ravenclaw 16
Slytherin 12
Gryffindor 12

Keep going! You have until tomorrow to turn in your tasks.

On a more personal note...I can not say how truely proud I am of my fellow Slytherins. No we are not winning the task but you have worked so hard and have made my time as Keeper so much fun. THANK YOU! Now I hate to make this short but I got an OWL to finish and some correspondance to write up by tomorrow. Much love!

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