Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Mix

Today it occurred to me that there is only a week or so left of the term. I've been so caught up in trying to  plan how to finish All The Things, that I forgot ...a holiday is around the corner.

In December, the pace will slow, the games will begin, and we will lay back in our Dungeon armchairs in front of the fire for a bit of well-earned R&R. Threads will close and open. Various spreadsheets will cover every table. Crazed older students will jump onto the NEWT train. The Sorting Hat is dusted off.

Crafting becomes fun again, for those of us who have begun to feel the chore of it under pressure. Project pages are straightened up. Yarn turns up under Christmas trees all over the place.  The knitwear of the last months gets put into family circulation (and beyond).

Ten more days, Snakeys, and we can put down the sticks. Then have a strong drink.

Then pick up the sticks again. For fun. (Remember, we LOVE this crafty stuff!)


Ten more days. Enjoy it, because December is going to be long! :)

*Alrischa scurries back to work on her order mission*

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