Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Dance is Over

Yule Ball is over and done. Time to rest your feet after all that dancing around. The Yule Ball went well. The snakes made a good last minute push but sadly we just could not catch up. The scares are:

Hufflepuff 51
Gryffindor 35
Slytherin 30
Ravenclaw 20

The Slytherins still did very well! You should all be very proud of yourselves. I would like to highlight one snake in particular, Disaelfr! She was our little overachiever for this event! Her lovely hat was a whapping 340 yards!! Our largest turn in of the Yule Ball!

Currently Going On:
The Tri-Wizard Tournament is still going on! All eligible participants have until Nov 30th to turn in! So far the standings are:
Hufflepuff 10
Ravenclaw 6
Slytherin 5
Gryffindor 4
Good luck Snakes! You can do it! Have fun!

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