Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Detention: Week 1

School's just started, and House Cuppers are already turning up in Detention. This first week, most of them have been Gryffindors, with nearly five times as many turn-ins as the next-closest House, Ravenclaw, and more than six times as many turn-ins as the House least likely to be spotted in Detention, at least this early in the term - hard-working Hufflepuff.

The Noble House of Slytherin hasn't been absent from the Detention classroom, though, bringing a wide variety of high-quality, and (shall we say) long term, projects into the miniature Room of Requirement our Detention moderators have created for us this term.
Over the following weeks, I will be focusing on Detention projects by type - shawls one week, mitts the next - but this week, I want to spotlight the work of two of our new students, and one whose Detention assignment truly exemplifies Slytherin cunning and ambition.

First up, Oriocookie's spectacular Dueling Pianos. Ms. Cookie came to us from Gryffindor, and these self-designed, ribbon-laced socks are just one of the reasons we're so pleased to have her.

Next on the list, Ickle Firstie londonaftrdark made her Detention debut with this gorgeous Swiss Cheese Scarf.

(Ms. Dark, by the by, has already been heard to say, “Never underestimate Slytherin ambition. We have a House Cup to keep.” She's going to fit in just fine.)

And for our final project this week, Alrischa's August Socks, which she began as part of the Firsties' Sock-a-Long and made sure she didn't finish until September, thus earning 10 delicious points for her House. Very cunning, indeed.


  1. Nice work!!

    Also, Oriocookie.... please tell me those socks are on two different people.

  2. Eeee! A sparkly countdown widget on the Blog! How did I miss that? It's so sparkly...!

    Also: oooooo, pretty knitted things!

  3. I think about 50 Gryffindors had the same plan as me :)

    Love the Swiss Cheese!