Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm Rockinsticks and this is Weekend Report.  In our Top Story - youngins.  With the sorting ending soon Slytherin house has enjoyed visitors from the potential first year pool.  As we all know finding the perfect house for you is sometimes quite daunting as all four offer friendship, support, and love.  Though ours comes with hotties.  In order to help sort out the unsorted, Jesseknits that mistress of all things (un)holy, gathered serpentine input on the

33 Crafting Commandments of Slytherin House. 

1.  Thou shalt not prod the first years.
2.  Thou shalt not knit him a sweater before reciept of a ring.
3.  Thou shalt not wash without referring to label.
4.  Thou shalt not cast on without swatching.
5.  Thou shalt not frog in haste.
6.  Thou shalt not take acryllic's name in vain - it has it's uses, you might just not fathom it yet.
7.  Thou shalt not knit for the un-worthy no matter how much they beg.
8.  Thou shalt not mention yarn in the Snake Pit without posting photos.
9.  Thou shalt not let drunk friends knit alone.
10.  Thou shall consult with designer when needed.
11.  Thou shall look for errata.
12.  Thou shalt know when to admit you are more brilliant than the designer/pattern.
13.  Thou shalt not start a project without all the yarn in hand.
14.  Thou shalt consult Ravelry in times of need.
15.  Thou shall keep beads in a heavy bowl not loose on the table.
16.  Thou shalt not knit lace without lifelines.
17.  Thou shalt not let your angry birds addiction interfere with winning the quidditch cup.
18.  Thou shalt not let "card games" distract from your OWL / NEWT work.
19.  Thou shalt not craft until your hands hurt.
20.  Thou shall run lifelines as soon as you are confident you don't need one.
21.  Thou shalt know when to hold ‘em; likewise, when to fold ‘em. Thou needst also to know when thou must walk away, and when thou ought to run.
22.  Thou shall not have intimate contact with another's stash.
23.  Thou shall finish what thou hast started (i.e. the no UFO clause).
24.  Thou shall knit a project until one sees fit without further obligation to continue (unless Slytherin is behind in points).
25.  Thou shall destash ugly yarn.
26.  Thou shall feel smug when thou fondles the pretties.
27.  Thou shall not worry about reaching SABLE if thou knows a knitter with more stash than thou.
28.  Thou shall eat dessert first and knit/crochet like there is no tomorrow.
29.  Thou shall not count sock yarn as stash.
30.  Thou shall not count yarn bought to make a gift as stash.
31.  Thou shall not count yarn gifted to you as stash.
32.  Thou shall not count yarn someone else talked you into as stash.
33.  Thou shall not count yarn you want to trade as stash.

That is all for today my friends.  Stay tuned for next week when we'll have new classes, new first years, and new bloggers.


  1. I love the random Kenny Rogers tribute in #21!!!
    Actually, I love them all.

  2. Totally printing these out to put over my desk at work.

  3. Thou shalt not touch the RCD unless you wish to be used for target practice by the HoH.