Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm Rockinsticks and this is Weekend Report.  In our Top Story this week Mascot Rights.  Heated discussions took place in the common room over the ethical ramifications and preparation methods for astrological animals.  With Astronomy not on the class list this term Slytherins felt safe embracing the tasty possibilities of twin fish, and angry mutton.  Frowned on was the ingestion of mermaids and virgins though future debates will be held to determine the correct usage of the term "eat".

Weather:  Work on your OWL or SeaShelly will rain fire down upon thee.

In other stories Quidditch continues the quest for immortality.  The Slytherin stands erupted with a roar as Gothknitty scored with all three Hallows!  Let's look at the highlight reel.

Invisibility Cloak

Elder Wand
Resurrection Stone

Forgivable Curse of the Week:  Mandrake Butt! Can be used as an expletive, "Ahhhhrgg Mandrake Butt!", or a proper noun, "Please pass the salt to Mandrake Butt at the end of the table."

From the Sub-human Interest Desk - The End.  How fitting it is that our last chance to dress like a middle aged boarding school girl and go to a midnight movie coincides with the end of term.  It's got me wondering what you all do on the months in between terms.  Do you still craft HP themed things?  Do you skim the books looking for obscure references you may have forgotten?  Or do you drink away the previous term's OWL memories and renew your vows as a born again muggle?  Leave a comment - it gives me something to do in boring meetings.

This is Rockinsticks saying - 15 more days.

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