Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fame, Fortune and Fail

Today on Weekend Report we celebrate the humor of the fail.  It would seem that in spite of our ambition and lust for winning Slytherins can in fact sometimes go astray. 

Showing us that in fact there might be such a thing as too long at sea, Polcamilla trapped on a cruise ship managed to make this extraordinarily gargantuan sock.  As anyone around the snake pit can tell you, fail and Polcamilla don't really seem to go together.  My theory - she can knit without looking and was busy watching hotties peruse the deck.  Just a theory. 

Thank you for sharing your most lovely of fails and you win(?) my latest fail.....a first attempt at making polymer clay stitch markers.  Meh.  I warned you there was an experiment in the works.  Feel free to throw them out upon receipt.

In other disappointing news my best worst this term was this small dog.  It is wrong on so many levels.  1.  Needles too small for yarn weight leading to much struggling and cursing.  2.  Apparently I used my foot or some other less than coordinated limb to stuff it.  3.  It appears that someone strangled the dog to make his eyes pop out to an enormous size.  Not even my terminally out of focus camera could have saved this one.

Well, that's really all I've got for this week.  It's been a great term.  Three months, crazy amounts of crafting, a cool group of firsties about to graduate the first year and excellent conversations.  Good luck in the wee hours tonight finishing up your homework and OWLs.  I'll see you all at the end of term bonfire.  I'll be the one wearing strategically placed carnations and drinking bourbon out of the house cup that yes, will be ours once again.

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