Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome to another edition of Weekend Report.  This week saw the opening of the June homework season.  Few snakes noticed because they were consumed with making puppets.

Senior snake and Anaconda extraordinaire reminded us all that in fact size may just matter in taking back the house cup.  So with that, we bring you the following yardage intensive free pattern recommendations.........

Care of Magical Creatures:  How about this giant "cauldron" at 424 yards?

Muggle Studies:  Big David Tennant complete with overcoat and all stars?

Herbology:  Just a hunch, but don't you think if Luna had been sorted into Slytherin she would have worn this guy as a bracelet?

Transfiguration:  Break out the scissors and whack away at this lovely yoke.  At 2900 - 3800 yards !!!!

History of Magic:  Well, I'd transform the triwizard champions into babies, then I'd make them struggle their way out of the bodysuit of destiny...with a wet diaper.  Yeah, that's it, 700 yards of hell.

Divination:  So, you really have to go to the project page to appreciate the multiple ways you can wear this piece.  It's really just a rectangular wrap with a bunch of hole in it and at 787 yards no one would punch a hole in our lead.
DADA:  I can think of nothing more dull to knit than an original series Dr. Who scarf.  Oh, and it would be good for binding an, ahem, opponent too.

And last but not least....

Charms:  Here is your chance to work up that thousand yard lace weight whatsit you've wanted to make forever.

This is Rockinsticks saying, back away from the puppet pals and get crafting.

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