Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm Rockinsticks and this is Weekend Report.  In our top story, Quidditch!  This week saw the house of Slytherin or should we say, SlytherWIN, out fly the Gryffindors in the first Quaffle challenge with a final score of 104 to 80.

The tossing of chilled muggle sports drink over team captain Snowqueen73 was temporarily put on hold as the Snakes were called to the pitch for Quaffle match #2 - Revenge of the illusion dish cloths and wee animalia.  For this round every snake can make one of the approved patterns and post it no later than midnight POT on Sunday, yes, the day after tomorrow.  Lets show those Eagles how its done.  As of this writing Slytherin:  22,  Ravenclaw:  14.  But let's not get complacent.  Those mighty tower dwellers always have a plan.

Weather:  A cotton mirage was seen on the horizon of Dishsoap Desert.

In other stories the snakes are rocking the classwork.  Here are some of my favorites:
Alyanome for Muggle Studies

Jesseknits for History of Magic

BadAmy for DADA
Peanutzmom for Potions
Noctuae for Ancient Runes
Gothknitty for Charms
Joseybug for Astronomy
Plainandsimplegarak for Care of Magical Creatures

Forgivable Curse of the Week:  You look like you've been slapped with the Snape stick. (Or is that a compliment?  Hmmm.)

From the Sub-Human Interest Desk we have RL Hotties.  While wandering about on my construction site this week I covertly took a photo of one of the hottest hotties I've ever worked with to email to another architect who drools over him. 

No, I won't be sharing said photo, as with my luck his wife is a Slytherin and then it would get messy, but here are some photo tips:
              1.  Be sure the flash and and volume are set to "off".
              2.  Look at the phone screen as though you were reading an e-mail off it and say, "ugh, this guy sends the stupidest e-mails."
              3.  If this fails pretend to be taking a photo of something in the distance beyond said hottie.
              4.  And if all else fails, walk up to the hottie and say, "Um, yeah so I'm part of this group of lecherous knitters and I'd really like to share your photo with them."  He might say okay.  You never know.

Well, my friends I really need to head off to finish up my DADA homework as Snape is withholding until I finish.  I love you all and see you next week.

Rockinsticks signing off.

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