Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekend Report - On Location

This is Rockinsticks reporting on location from the new Slytherin Deli in the Snake Pit that opened to rave reviews this week.

Some of the more popular menu items include:

The Spiky Severus
Toasted dark rye with Cambozola, pickled beets and arugula.
The Double Doctor
A sweet and spicy grilled sandwich with turkey, pepper jack, and little strawberry preserves for that sweet aftertaste.
The Racy Doctor
½ of our Double Doctor sized down for a speedy finish.
The Double Racer
Smoked salmon, crumbled bacon, cucumber and cream cheese on a toasted English muffin.  A real quickie for the Slytherin in a hurry.
The Miss-Sorted Twins
Grilled ham and cheese.
The JG-L Chester
Sourdough hard roll packed with a colorful array of roasted vegetables brushed with spicy chili oil.
Between a Rockinsticks and an Abycat place
A slightly spicy smoked sausage on a dark rye hard roll with roasted peppers and a creamy spread.
The Riddle
Garlic bagel toasted with stinky cheese and crazysauce.
The Honey Badger
Whole wheat with honey and larva.

All sandwiches come with a pickle and your choice of salty chips or a salad.  Refreshing beverages are of course provided and served by the resident hotties.  Desserts include yogurt with chocolate buttons and a cigarette.

Weather: Sandwich.
Forgivable Curse: Sandwich.
This is Sandwich Rockinsticks signing off and saying, "Craft crazy and don't talk with your mouth full."


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