Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Uncle Lucius Needs a Ride Home.

It's a millinery party in the Snake Pit and Uncle Lucius will be there. 

Just when some of us (ahemRockinsticks) had posted our final prettiness and began to make stash fondling plans for April Abycat the brilliant has come up with a way for us to push the points over the top.

If your classes and OWL/NEWT are done and your fingers are just itching for more pick up those sticks and hooks and whip up as many hats for your local charity as you can. 

15 points a piece my Sly Sisters and Brothers.  Just think about the first 3 days of term - you know you were able to crank out at least one project in that time.  There will even be prizes for this impromptu hat challenge. 

Hate making hats, make anything for Quidditch you can.  Baby booties (accepted by all family shelters and children's hospitals), premie caps, blanket squares, a teddy bear.  It all counts for points even if it doesn't count for this challenge.

We've got to win this thing.  We can win this thing.  Is there anything more Slytherin than sneaking up from third place for the win in the last three days with a sneaky plan?  Go go go you mad hatters.

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