Friday, March 4, 2011

Welcome to another edition of Weekend Report.  I'm Rockinsticks with co-anchor Elfliberator.  In our top story this week there was an unconfirmed breakout of cookies and cooties in the common room this week.  It is uncertain where the outbreak began, but it is believed to be related to missing your post quota if your name is Drusillawormwood.  Slytherins are advised to post one absurd fact a day in order to remain cootie free.

In other news the point spread is tight for the house cup with Ravenclaw in first place.  We're close snakes keep up the crafting.  If you are worried about your OWL look for little projects for classes.  Remember everything gets at least 15 points.

Weather:  Single-ply like temperatures should be enjoyed by all.

In sports the big Dateline Challenge runs March 11 - 14th.  Should you choose to don your shin guards you will be matched up in a sudden death match with someone from another house crafting similar things for charity.  Fill out this form to be matched up.

On the injured list or simply (like me) usually chosen last for sports?  Brush up your cheers for the House Pride Exhibition on the 25th.  No crafting required just big hurrahs.  If you weren't part of the cheering madness last term scan through this thread starting here for the excellent cheers from Fall 2010.  Each cheer represents 3 points for Slytherin.

Forgivable Curse of the Week:  You are the missed yarn over in the Eastonian shawl of my life.

Finally from the Sub-human interest desk - toys.  All this talk of cooties got me reminiscing about the toys of my youth.  All time favorite...Tinkertoys.  So stroll down memory lane and leave a comment telling us your favorite childhood toy.  Yes, you will date yourself.  No I don't care.

Have a great weekend snakes.  This is Rockinsticks signing off. 


  1. Legos were the perennial favorite at my house, and we had a LOT of them! In fact, I still love Legos and now have the Lego Quidditch Pitch. nyah nyah

  2. I used to love my Meccano..the proper kind where you just got the basic shapes (squares, rectangles, bars) and then could create what you liked.

    none of this with these meccano pieces you can build a car and nothing else unless you get another set - blah!

  3. peanutzmom here, and yes, I am dating myself. My all-time favorite toy was my Sunshine Family -- my mom's politically-correct-anatomically-correct hippie version of Barbie. They were much cooler than Barbie, though! They lived in a loft over their barn, and the chicken laid eggs and the cow gave milk!