Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Rockinsticks and this is Weekend Report.  In our top story, fine literature.  There was a...ahem....rash this week of very private messages that lured Slytherin babes away from their knitting in an effort to educate themselves about what evil twins Abycat and Jjkawano, and their inappropriate sister Rockinsticks do when they are with Professor Snape.  Yarn baskets sat ignored and one hottie was quoted as saying, "Well, you know, its not like the knitting thing.  I don't mind being ignored for that, cuz ya know I get socks and...uh...warmers and stuff out of it, but this?  What can a guy expect when his Slytherin gal has had her head in the computer all day?"  The lovely DNAtheroy retorted, "Shhhh I'm reading."

Weather:  A high pressure of OWLish looking clouds will sweep through the Snake Pit this weekend.

In Sports today is the day to slither on out to the Quidditch pitch and post up some cheers.  A reminder - one cheer per snake worth 3 points so get out there and cheer for your house.  Even if your OWL or NEWT are biting you in the arse you have a bit of time to post a little ditty for Slytherin.

Forgivable Curse:  Single Plied Bison Belly!

Finally from the Sub-Human interest desk - Horcruxes.  In last month's Felix Felicis prize question on the main blog I posed the following question, "You find you are approaching your 39th birthday and decide this is as good a time as any to begin making Horcruxes.  What object would you choose and where would you hide it?"  I thought I'd pose it to the snake blog as well.  Mine would be my Slytherin green Chuck Taylor hightops because I've had them since college - thus indestructible and lets face it, the odor alone assures me no one would brave it.  Leave a comment and tell the world your weakness.

This is Rockinsticks signing off for the final Friday of the Winter Term.  Yes, I'll probably still do these weekend reports through April, because if nothing else it is a chance to test my post wine typing skills.  My seventh grade typing teacher that wouldn't let us use paper would be sooooo proud.


  1. I'd make my first Horcrux a single skein of some luscious fiber, like a cashmere/alpaca/qiviut blend, in a dark bloodred colorway, and then display it prominently on my stash shelves. It'd be a single skein, so it would never ever be knit into anything (seriously, what would I do with 100 yards of bloodred qiviut blend??).
    I think it's pretty commonly known that if anyone happened to be rifling through my yarn stash and took something, I'd hex them six ways to next Thursday whether or not they touched my Horcrux yarn, so it'd be a decent place to keep the darn thing.

    I'm glad to hear the weekend reports will continue. I never know what to wear until I find out what the weather forecast is.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I think abycat posted a link to a certain archive I should go look through...

  2. I think one of my horcruxes (sp?) would be my dear doggie's collar. She gets exceptionally p-o'd when you take it off of her. I'm sure she'd protect her "mommy's" soul with her life.

    Also - yay for April blog posts. Something else to read besides the "literature."

  3. I suppose a good item for my horcrux would be the stuffed unicorn I loved to death as a kid. It's so sentimental that I'll never get rid of it, and it's so disgustingly well-loved that no one would ever want to touch it.