Thursday, February 10, 2011

V.D. runs rampant through Slytherin House!

. . . and by that I mean Valentine's Day, of course!
Whether you adore cupids and pink hearts, just love a good excuse to eat all that chocolate, or would rather celebrate Singles Awareness Day, projects with a nod to the lucrative holiday cropped up all over the House Cup turned in by Slytherins.

Potions class was the perfect opportunity for clever snakes to demonstrate our natural tendency to be cunning, and craft a myriad of ways to sneak love potions past Filch. Some lovely examples can be seen from:

abycat's tissue caddy not only deflects Filch's notice, but is a built-in delivery system for the love potion's target -->

Snowqueen73 distracts the eye with her glamorous bag designed for hiding all kinds of contraband-->

charmling leaves room to sneak a vial or two in her armwarmers-->

BrittneyK smuggles a love potion in a healthy-looking carrot cozy-->

EvilOverlady314 knows Filch would never suspect an innocent-looking doll of carrying secrets under her hat or scarf-->

Oshelle takes inspiration from classic fairy tales and crafts a cozy for a potion-laced apple-->

jonboy1987 went old-school with a fresh (and much nicer) take on the poison ring-->

knitsquid goes with the classic dosed-but-irresistible baked goodie-->

rivetkitten hopes Filch won't get too personal with his searches, so as not to discover this sneaky garter-->

EmiDoodle was practical with her knitted pocket, relying on her squeaky-clean record to raise her above suspicion-->

trustcrazyideas smuggles laced candies with the help of Captain Clyde Sparrow

01Tangled's Love Potion Sachets (don't let Filch breathe those in too deeply)-->

maigret's Tiny (but very lovely and festive) Valentine Bag-->

For Charms class, rockinsticks and Nick Cave (her musical muse) remind us of just how painful love can be:

For Astronomy class's February assignment, Valentine's Day was the calendar holiday honored by some of our fellow snakes.

For instance, linuxchic made this sultry sweater, perfect for getting the attention of that special someone on that special day:

knitsquid put a lot of heart into this lovely crocheted piece:

... and so did 01Tangled as she demonstrates the best way to hold someone's heart in your hand:

I hope you all forgive my corny humor on this, let's face it, rather corny holiday, and whether you love or hate the big day o' romance, enjoy all the great crafting of our housemates!

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